The dancing millionaire parted with beloved Georgia Gabriela!

Superburning dances of a pair of millionaire GianlucaWakki and the models of Georgia Gabriel chained to them an incredible number of views, they were envied, admired, invited to the top-most television shows, but the dance, lasting four years - ceased in late May. The couple broke up, without official explanations and scandals.

Georgia Gabriele and Wakki

Gianluca and Georgia met at a party,and, despite the colossal difference at the age of 18, feelings broke out between them. According to the girl's friends, Vakki was very persistent in courtship, so Gabrielle was charmed and disarmed by such a heat of passion. As he admitted in an interview:

Since the appearance of Georgie in my life, everything has turned upside down! I have been an incorrigible egoist for many years, but now her interests come first!

Everyone considered their pair perfect

Everyone considered their pair perfect

Couple together was 4 years old

Becoming very famous in 2016, after the danceon board the yacht to the music of Ricky Martin and his publication in Instagram, the popularity of their couple increased, and the lifestyle that they led, riveted more and more views of folwaters from around the world.

Love has passed, and the dance continues ...

How did it become known about the separation of the pair? Gianluca and Georgia stopped appearing together, and in Instagram general photos disappeared, only after a month the journalists decided to investigate and found out that the couple are not together now. The last joint photos appeared on May 27 and 28, and after that each of them places either solitary posts, or surrounded by friends and acquaintances.

Dopis, extensions Giorgia Gabriele (@jogiorgiajo)

Dopis, extensions of Gianluca Vacchi (@gianlucavacchi)

Despite parting, the life of the entrepreneur andmillionaire has not changed, he is still "hard at work" for 4 hours a day, arranges DJ sets on the sea coasts around the world, travels and spends time surrounded by beautiful women.

Dopis, extensions of Gianluca Vacchi (@gianlucavacchi)

Dopis, extensions of Gianluca Vacchi (@gianlucavacchi)

By the way, it is the facts of communication and flirting with otherswomen gave rise to rumors about the separation of the couple. Gianluca Vakki attributed the novel to blonde Ariadne Gutierrez, model and vice-miss Universe-2015. Maybe Gutierrez hoped for seriousness to herself, she even put a joint photo with a millionaire in Instagram, but Vakki abstained and did not put their communication on the view of the followers and the ex-lover.

Dopis, extensions Ariadna Gutierrez (@gutierrezary)

A new lover, daughter, granddaughter?

But in the star Instagram appeared another girl, young Ginevra Mavila. Little is known about her, she recently turned 15, between Vakki and her very quivering and intimate relationship!

Dopis, extensions Ginevra Mavilla (@ginevramavilla)

In my life she has been present since she was 5 years old, she is like my own daughter. It's hard for me to explain how much I love her, but with confidence I can say that she is an integral part of my life!

Dopis, extensions Ginevra Mavilla (@ginevramavilla)

Such a recognition did not remain without attention,first, the girl's blog was instantly replenished with followers and curious, and secondly, the girl was invited to take part in photosets and advertising campaigns.

Dopis, extensions of Gianluca Vacchi (@gianlucavacchi)

Who is Ginevra Mavilla? A new beloved daughter? In one of the posts, the girl called Vakki "father", taking the word in quotes, in another confessed her love, omitting unnecessary punctuation.

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Dopis, extensions of Gianluca Vacchi (@gianlucavacchi)

Italian journalists and followers say,that the young charmer is Gianluca Vakki's granddaughter, but such a version is very doubtful - a millionaire is too young for such a status. The second and closest to reality version is the daughter. Well, while this remains a mystery to everyone around him, and Vakki himself pours fire and prefers not to stipulate the status of a 15-year-old teenager appearing in his stellar Instagram.

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