Many scientists for decades try to unravel the mysteries of the past, collecting pieces of the puzzle together. But there are such artifacts and historical moments, which are still covered with secrets.

1. Geoclyphs of Naska

Geoglyph - a drawing on the surface of the Earth. In Nasca, similar images are made in the form of geometric figures or animals. There is a feeling that they were cut out on a hard surface. To a man on the earth, they seem to be a tangle of lines of yellow color. Only being in the air, you can see full-fledged figures: pyatidesyatimetrovye monkeys and spiders, condors a width of 120 meters or a lizard and a half times longer.

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How many years of geoglyphs - exactly to sayno one can. They are susceptible only to an approximate dating. It is proved that all this was created at different times. The first of them appeared in the VI century. BC. E. And the latter - in the I century AD. E.

2. Mummies from the swamps of Europe

Even in the XVII century there were mentions that inPeat bogs of Denmark, Germany, Ireland and neighboring countries found human mummies that were perfectly preserved. Some even have a decent appearance for display in museums.

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Each body found was thoroughly studiedMany specialists. All were found traces of violent death: a cut throat, stricken places from strangulation and strikes, broken main bones, a broken head. Sometimes all at once. So, for example, "a man from Lindau" lost his life because of an ax, caught in the skull. "The woman from Elling" died because of the letter V, which was found deep in the back of the head. "A teenager from Kaihausen," who was no more than 15 years old, found bound so tightly that he could not even move.

Till now many experts argue, what exactly it was: execution or sacrifice. After all, with each of the found were cruelly punished.

3. Statues of Easter Island

It is known that graceful stone creatures are the remains of an ancient civilization. They differ markedly from those that can be seen in other parts of the Pacific Ocean.

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For the first time the constructions were seen by the Dutch traveler Jacob Roggeven, who was on the island on Easter day.

In 1955, Tour Heyerdahl with the help of localInhabitants for two weeks one such statue could put vertically. They, using the uneven bars, raised a block a few meters and put large stones under it. This was repeated until the sculpture was in the right position. But, as it was on the heads were hats in a few tons - is not yet known.

4. John's Pope

Medieval biographers report that the PopeIonna was born in the year 882. She loved to learn from childhood and when she was a teenager she went to Athens to get the right knowledge. Then any education related to religion for the fair half was not available. Therefore, she decided to impersonate the youth of John the Englishman.

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When the girl was in Rome, they turned herAttention due to learning, beauty and piety. After some time she managed to become a cardinal. And after Pope Leo IV was appointed successor. On the side, no one knew about the dirty trick. But during the next festive procession, John suddenly gave birth to a child in front of everyone. Soon she died.

After this, starting from 1000 years and for five centuries, the obligatory rite was held, during which the elect of the elect was checked on the throne.

This story was considered true in the XIII century. Already in the XV century it was decided to challenge it. In the XVI - historians almost did not doubt that this is all fiction. It was believed that the legend appeared as a result of someone's joke, when the Pope's court was dominated by women - 920-965. Similar phenomena were noted at the end of the XVI century, when Alexander VI Borgia appointed his mistress as a "medieval bookkeeper". At the same time, her brother at 25 years old, not having a proper rank, became a cardinal-treasurer and bishop of three dioceses. After that, he took the throne under the name of Paul III.

It is also known that during the military campaign of Alexander VI, on his own behalf, the younger daughter was on the throne.

5. Grave of Genghis Khan

Until now, the best minds in the world have not been able to solve,Where exactly is the grave of the famous Genghis Khan. This place attracts many people. It represents a unique historical value. In addition, according to legend in the land, along with the deceased, incredible riches are hidden. According to some estimates, in the grave you can find precious stones, weapons and gold worth two billion dollars.

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After death, the body of Genghis Khan was returned to his placeBirth. Now it is aimak Hentiy. It is assumed that the great commander is buried next to the Onon River. On the route, everyone who met the funeral escort was killed. The slaves who committed the burial were cut out. And then the executioners died, who staged the execution.

There are several legends that explain,Why the seekers can not find the grave. According to one of them, the adherents of Genghis Khan paved the river bed directly over the burial. On the other - a thousand horses were driven out of the excavated land, and then trees were planted on top.

6. The origin of the Basques

Basques are considered one of the most incredibleHistorical mysteries. At one time they occupied a small part of modern Spain and France. The first thing that is noted is that this people had a unique language that did not overlap with others present in neighboring regions. Also, geneticists managed to establish that these are people who had the highest percentage of Rh-25 in their blood. The difference between this people and others living in the neighborhood is noticeable.

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Most scientists believe that the Basque can beBoldly call the indigenous inhabitants of Europe. They went from Cro-Magnon, who appeared in these places 35 thousand years ago. Presumably, this people decided not to change their location anymore, since it has not been possible to find any evidence that refutes this, right up until the arrival of the Romans.

7. Travelers in Time

Scientists recently are more and more confident that movement in time is possible. Numerous facts serve as evidence.

So, for example, this photo shows the openingBridge South Fork Bridge in British Columbia, which occurred in 1941. In the frame, you can see a person who stands out clearly in the middle of the rest. He has a short hairstyle, dark glasses, a sweater over his T-shirt, and a modern camera in his hands.

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Such an image can often be found today. But for the 40s it seemed strange. Specialists conducted their own investigation, during which they managed to find the person who participated in those events. But, unfortunately, he did not remember the "strange" stranger.

The authenticity of the photo was proved several times with the help of various analyzes.

8. Ancient Swiss Watches

This small object was found in the burialEra of the Ming Dynasty. The tomb was opened in 2008, when the documentary was shot. To the astonishment of the operator and archaeologists, a Swiss watch was found inside.

Former head of the Guangxi Museum, which thenTook part in the expedition, shared: "We cleaned the soil from the surface of the lid, when suddenly a small fragment of rock bounced and fell to the floor with a metallic sound. The object was like a ring. But when we cleared it of dust, we found a miniature dial. "

Mysteries of Mankind8

At the same time, I even managed to look at the inscriptionSwiss. The Ming Dynasty led China until 1644. At that time, they did not even know that such technologies would someday become a reality. At the same time, experts say that this tomb has been closed for the last 400 years and that there has never been anyone in it.

9. The Ancient Computer

In Kamchatka, a few hundred kilometers from the settlement of Tigil, the St. Petersburg University of Archeology found inexplicable petrified remains.

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According to the excavation leader, this discoverySurprised scientists, but can completely change the story. A special analysis showed that initially these were metal parts, which form a not yet understandable mechanism. The most surprising thing is that the find is dated 400 million years.

10. The Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich manuscript is a mysterious book of the 15th century,Which so far no one has been able to decipher. It was written between 1404 and 1438 by an unknown author. In addition, the words inside have not yet been translated. They are made up of a strange alphabet, of which no one knows.

The size of the book: 23,5х16,2х5 cm. There are about 240 pages in it. The manuscript was repeatedly studied by many cryptographers, archaeologists and historians. Nobody could even step one step closer to deciphering even a single word.

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After vain attempts, some specialistsCame to the conclusion that the pages contain random characters, not related to each other. Others adhere to the theory that not only information that tells in detail about that time is printed on paper, but also data about the future.

11. Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is a serial killer (or assassin),Who in 1888 committed several high-profile crimes in London. All of his victims are girls of easy virtue from the poorest quarters. The maniac cut his throat, then opened the abdominal cavity. He took some organs. It is believed that the killer had a good knowledge of anatomy.

Mysteries of Mankind11

Only recently a collector who purchasedShawl allegedly owned by one of the victims, handed it over to specialists. They used careful analyzes to isolate the DNA of the alleged maniac. He was a Pole Aaron Kosminsky, who came to England to work as a hairdresser. Despite this, many have criticized this method, since it does not exactly prove the emigrant's involvement in the murders.

12. The Crystal Skulls

Many experts have been trying to solve the mystery of the origin of crystal skulls for a long time. Nobody knows yet who could create them and how?

Mysteries of Mankind12

Scientists tell about 13 heads from the mountainCrystal. All of them are stored in museums or private collections. Artifacts were found in Tibet and Central America. The exact time of their production has not yet been established. In addition, there are no known tools with which to do this.

13. Ancient aircraft

Incas, Aztecs and other peoples living on theThe territory of pre-Columbian America is known not only for its amazing pyramids and strange rituals. They also left a lot of small statuettes after themselves. One of them turned out to be the so-called "ancient aircraft", which resemble similar elements to modern aircraft.

Mysteries of Mankind13

Initially, experts believed that thisSimply figurines of insects or birds. However, it turned out that they have details that are more similar to modern aircraft: stabilizers, chassis and so on. Large aircrafts of that time could not be found. That the ancient tribes wanted to show this - is not yet known.

14. Festsky Disk

The Phaistos Disk is a small clay circular plate that was found in 1908 in the palace of Minoan in Italy. Its mystery still remains unsolved.

Mysteries of Mankind14

There are various unknown symbols on the plate. It is believed that this language was created in II c. BC. Some think that the drawings resemble the hieroglyphics of Crete. However, they can not find the key for decryption. This disc today is one of the most famous mysteries of archeology.

15. The case of Taman Shud

Until now, the best inspectors have not been able to disclose the case of Taman Shud. It also received the name "The Case of a Mysterious Man from Somerton."

The case was opened when, at half past six in the morning,Australia in the city of Adelaide found the corpse of a man. He was on the beach Somerton. Who was deceased - it was not possible to establish it. Then the specialists found out that the death occurred as a result of poisoning with medicines.

In addition, the resonance was caused by a scrap of paper found in the secret pocket of trousers. It was written only two words - "Taman Sud". These were torn words from the rare book of Omar Khayyam.

Mysteries of Mankind15

The police managed to find a copy of theWhich lacked the last page. On the back of the pencil was written a few words, reminiscent of the cipher. What exactly was written there, it was not possible to find out.

Until now, this affair remains one of the most intricate and mysterious.

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