Lifshak does not cost anything until he benefits. Therefore, when going next time on a trip, be sure to use at least one cunning from the list below.

1. To store small earrings and rings, use the tablet.


2. Using an office clip, you can safely pack razors.

Office clip for razors

3. Put the necklace and chains in the straw for cocktails.

Straws for a necklace 1

Then they definitely will not get entangled in the knot in your suitcase.

4. Wrap the empty rolls of paper towels with silk handkerchiefs.

Rolls for silk scarves

This will help you avoid creases and creases on the fabric.

5. Transport a small amount of cosmetics or other liquid products in a straw for cocktails.

For this:

  1. Trim the straw to the desired size.
  2. Straw for cosmetics 4

  3. Seal it from one side with a cigarette lighter.
  4. Straw for cosmetics 2

  5. Fill the straw with cosmetic means and clamp the second end with pliers.
  6. Straw for cosmetics 3

    Straw for cosmetics 1

  7. Seal the finished container with a lighter.
  8. Do not forget to sign each straw container.

6. Lip balm can be used to moisturize the cuticle.

Lip balm

7. Put a scented antistatic napkin in the suitcase.

Flavored antistatic napkin

This will help avoid a musty smell and keep the clothes fresh.

8. Attach the keys and money to the belt with the help of an office clip.

Office clips for money and keys

9. Wrap a fuse or hair iron.

Pothaking for ironing

10. Use an empty tube of lipstick as a secret place to store money and other valuables.

Empty tube from lipstick

11. Hide the teak in the empty box from under the dragee so invisible and studs.

Teak-so for the invisible

12. A rigid plastic soap tray will help to protect the camera from damage.

Plastic soap dish

13. While traveling, keep earrings in the buttons.

Keep earrings in buttons

14. With a punch, hang up all the business cards on one ring.

Business Cards

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