wedding in Ukrainian style

Ukrainian wedding is famous for its beautifuldresses. In the old days, a girl preparing to marry in the fall began in the spring to embroider the dress with flowers and decorate with ribbons. In our time, weddings are played all year round, and not only after harvesting, true masters uniquely enhance each dress with red poppies and other wildflowers.

Wedding Ukrainian dresses are more oftenshortened style, so that you can see the cobblestones - traditional red boots. The top of the dress used to be made like a shirt, now you can find corsets or deep cuts. The skirt of the bride's dress has an airy light appearance thanks to the fabric assemblies.

Traditional dresses of Ukrainians are famous for embroideredpatterns and colors. Ukrainian wedding dresses amaze with their beauty, on white linen apparel beautifully embroidered embroidered red and yellow flowers with herbaceous crimped stems.

Necessarily on the red belt of the bride and groom embroider the same ornament.

Embroidery is present on all the attributes of the wedding -skillfully expand tablecloths on tables, a towel, on which a loaf is put. The head of the bride is covered with a Ukrainian wedding wreath with ribbons, it is trickled from living wildflowers or a colorful improvisation is created from artificial material, for example, from a bright satin. The wreath is necessarily woven chamomile - a symbol of youth, love and fidelity, and poppies, which convey the passion and emphasize the beauty of the girl. Traditionally, the wreath is considered one of the most important symbols of the Ukrainian people.

The groom wears a white embroidered embroidered shirt,white or red bloomers. On the head, the future husband, if desired, can put on his papakha. The head man's dress does not so clearly emphasize Ukrainian traditions, as a female wreath.

Wedding decoration in Ukrainian style

The wedding feast is more correctly described,as a "feast to the whole world." Here you will not get along with a modest buffet table, but you will cover rich tables with all sorts of dishes. Do not think that bacon is the main dish of Ukrainians, it is a hospitable people, in the kitchen of which you will find a variety of delicious dishes.

The table is decorated with a large Ukrainian weddingA loaf, which is baked according to a special recipe and replaces our traditional cake. The loaf should be round so that young people are not expected to "corners" in their family life and sharp turns in destiny.

If you are determined to decorate the table with a wedding cake,then order it in the Ukrainian style, for example, you can decorate its top with Ukrainian Cossacks, and on your side create sugar field flowers - sunflowers, cornflowers, poppies and chamomiles.

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