How to get a vaginal orgasm

Many women experience only a clitoralOrgasm and do not know what it is, vaginal orgasm, and some even consider this kind of orgasm a myth. So it is worth considering how to get a vaginal orgasm.

How to learn to get a vaginal orgasm?

If you do not know how to experience a vaginal orgasm andDo not imagine how others manage to get it, you need to figure out why this happens. The answer to the question, why there is no vaginal orgasm, can be quite simple - not the man. Many ladies sometimes had cases when the partner seemed to be attentive, and nobody distracted him from the action, but he still could not get full satisfaction. If the matter is that the man is not suitable, then there is only one way out: to part with him, he will not be able to completely reveal himself with him, neither role games nor tricks will help. After all, as is known, female orgasm, including vaginal, depends more on the attitude of women to a particular man. But the inability to get a vaginal orgasm can be the fault of both men and women: often to experience orgasm, the ladies are hampered by their own complexes, inability to disconnect from problems and enjoy the process and unwillingness to try something new.

For example, many have heard of the G point, but not allTried to find it. And, by the way, her search is needed precisely for those women who do not know how to achieve a vaginal orgasm. Find this magic point is easy - you need to feel the front wall of the vagina, do it better with a wet finger. When you find a rough area (about 1 to 3 cm in size), you can rejoice - point G is found. Usually this point is at a distance of 5 cm from the entrance to the vagina, and sweet sensations arise after some time of stimulation. You can search for yourself, you can involve a partner in this responsible business, which is preferable - you want him to know how to give you pleasure?

In addition, get an orgasm for women isIs problematic due to weakened vaginal muscles. So strengthen them will not be superfluous, in addition, these exercises are a good prevention of certain diseases of the gynecological area. Gymnastics is quite simple and consists in the tension and relaxation of the vaginal muscles. You can do this quickly, at the highest possible speed, but you can slowly, with each time increasing the strength of the muscle contraction. Exercises can come up yourself, the main thing is to feel the work of intimate muscles.

There is also another exercise toTo awaken the sensitivity of the vagina. It will require a strong thread and two beads with a diameter of 3 cm or more. At the end of the thread, you need to make a strong knot to hold the beads. Now this simulator should be inserted into the vagina and left there, continuing to do household chores. If for the first time the stimulation is not sufficient to insist on intimacy with the partner, then before going to bed, the beads need to be removed, and the exercise should be repeated in a day. Gradually, the sensitivity of the vagina will increase, and the question of how to achieve vaginal orgasm, you will no longer worry.

Postures for vaginal orgasm

How to experience vaginal orgasm

To find out what vaginal orgasm is, you need to know which poses are most suitable for this purpose. Specialists distinguish three poses in which women are more often able to get a vaginal orgasm:

  1. Many women manage to get an orgasm quickly, being on top, completely controlling the process.
  2. Some adore pose when a man is on top, and they throw their straight legs on the shoulders of a partner.
  3. Also a good posture for getting vaginal orgasm is the pose on all fours. The man is behind, raises the legs of the woman, and she brings them to the waist of the partner.
  4. But on these poses do not get hung up, all women are different. So do not be afraid to experiment.
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