With what to wear green boots

Women's green boots and blue jeans withA tight silhouette is an excellent combination, however, if you dress so constantly, you will never be able to appreciate the full potential of this type of footwear. To date, in any store you can find a huge amount of leather or suede green boots that can be on low travel, on a platform, stud or steady high heels. This season, designers recommend turning their attention to green boots, decorated with textured drawings. Such an original decor as a distinctive feature of new shoes will make it stand out among all other models.

With what colors to combine green boots?

In the new autumn-winter season it is the green colorBecame one of the most fashionable and relevant. It includes many other shades: malachite, marsh, emerald, herbaceous, bright and saturated lime, as well as a large number of other tones. Under such colors, you need to carefully select all the items of the future image. The most effective combination is the combination of green with bright orange tones. More modest will look green shade along with black or white tones. Do not forget about the turquoise and violet colors, because they are perfect for forming a whole image.

More extravagant natures will fit togetherBlue, red and green colors, which can be slightly diluted with an additional fourth shade. When creating images, it is necessary to pay special attention to the model of boots, since the classic versions are suitable for skirts and jeans, hairpin models look good with dresses, green rubber boots are suitable for different models of jeans, and Cossacks are an excellent option for any everyday image.

With what to wear fashionable green boots?

High green boots will look great inA combination with clothes of a chocolate shade, for example, trousers and a blouse. This outfit is best complemented with a mustard or light brown handbag. If your boots are light green, then they are almost not demanding for color and models of garments, but they look best with gray shades. As for the bag, it is better to give preference to some neutral tones.

The boots of a dark green hue representThe best alternative to any black models, and the combinations with them are more vivid and contrast. You can shade such shoes with a yellow sweater, a pink or beige blouse.

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