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With the onset of winter cold warm socksBecome an indispensable thing. During this period we put them on not only on the street, but also at home. That is why their choice should be approached with special responsibility.

What are the warmest socks made of?

Of course, the warmest socks are made of wool. But also the wool is different. The following models were most widely used:

  1. Women's winter socks with cashmere. Cashmere perfectly preserves the heat and does notIrritates the skin and gives socks softness and lightness. Most often, these models are made with the addition of cotton, which gives the product strength and air permeability.
  2. Warm woolen socks made of sheep's wool. Many craftsmen say that knitted socks made of sheep's wool turn out to be the warmest and most comfortable to wear (especially when it comes to merino wool or angora wool).
  3. Knitted warm female socks made from camel wool. There are also supporters of the fact that the mostWarm socks are obtained from camel hair. In addition, it is established that they improve blood circulation and are an excellent prevention of arthritis, rheumatic pains and osteochondrosis. The listed options are most popular when making dense winter socks, however, there are many other varieties of wool. For example, warm knitted female socks made from alpaca, yak, rabbit or even a combination of several varieties of wool.

What socks are the warmest?

It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to this question. Someone argues that the warmest socks are obtained from sheep's wool, someone prefers the wool of dogs. However, it's not just what wool socks are made of, but also how they are connected.

Also much depends on what you are forBuy warm socks. For example, for winter sports in the open air or for hiking, there are special thermo-noses that will protect you not only from the cold, but from moisture. Going to the sports stores for these socks, pay attention to the label, where the minimum temperature should be indicated, at which these socks are capable of retaining heat.

But warm socks for the house, no doubt, best will bind the grandmother.

Finally, it should be noted that todayThere are heated socks that work on ordinary batteries. This model, which appeared on the market more recently, is gaining popularity every year.

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