Currently, there are severalVarieties of women's panties. They are not only beautiful, but also functional - some models are completely invisible under the finest dress, others are able to give comfort while playing sports.

Types of women's panties

You can identify the main styles of shorts:

  1. Slips These are traditional comfortable panties that cover most of the buttocks. They can differ in height: slips of "maxi" have a high waist, "midi" - medium, "mini" - low.
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  3. Thong - the kind of cowards that have only a narrowStrip or rope. The name of these panties went from the name of the Indian loincloth "geestring". By the way, their landing can also be different, in addition, they are distinguished by the size and shape of the back of the G-string, T-string, V-thong and Y-string.
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  5. Panties-shorts Is a closed model, which has the same height of the front and side parts.
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  7. Trousers - panties with tight inserts to the middle of the thigh, designed to correct the figure.
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  9. A popular and very sexy modelka are panties Tanga, Which differ in thin strips along the sides.
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  11. A model of female cowards called "bikini"It is easy to recognize by two triangles in front and behind, fastened with ribbons or an elastic band on the sides.
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What kinds of cowards are not so widespread:

  • Tongs - panties of any style, but necessarily with a very low fit;
  • Penties - pants, which are also called "corset" because of a very high waistline;
  • Jay-string - small, low, tight-fitting panties.
What panties to choose?

It is important not only to know the names of women's panties, butAnd be able to choose them depending on the characteristics of your figure and the clothes that you put on. Different types of panties can both emphasize the merits of the figure, and flaunt all its shortcomings. A few tips will help you look perfect:

  • Slips are perfect for everyday wear, and the seamless version of this model is ideal for sports;
  • Thongs will not attract attention if you decide to wear tight trousers, a skirt or a dress;
  • Shorts look good on long-legged and slender girls, but panties tanga will help to make the voluminous legs more slender, but both can be worn with different clothes that do not fit the body;
  • To the merits of the Brazilian style can be attributedthat they are very romantic and effective look and emphasize a small tight buttocks, and such panties made of lace, well combined with clothing in the skirt.
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