Ringworm treatment in children

Lishay is a fungal infection of the skin, whichChildren of different ages are often sick. It should be remembered that this disease is extremely contagious and has the ability to spread very quickly throughout the body. Therefore, with the slightest suspicion of this disease, your baby should consult a specialist, and also exclude all contacts with other children.

Types of hair loss in children

In modern medicine there is a fairly large number of lichen species, but we can distinguish a group of the most common:

  1. Multicolored (or pityriasis) lichen in children. With it, spots appear on the skin of the child,Which can be brown, yellow or pink, and its main feature is the lack of itching. It should be remembered that this type of lichen in children has an incubation period of up to two weeks. Therefore, if your baby accidentally contacts a sick child, it is necessary, at least 14 days, to carefully monitor the situation.
  2. Red flat lichen - as a rule, this type of disease occursChildren are very rare. With it, red bubbles form on the baby's skin with the liquid inside. Also, such manifestations on the skin are accompanied by severe itching, which gives the child a lot of unpleasant sensations.
  3. Ringworm - this form of the disease is very difficult to confuse withOthers, because it affects the scalp and the nail plate. On the affected area, you can observe a hair break about two centimeters from the roots. In addition, red patches appear on the skin of the sick child, which cause itching and flaking.
  4. Shingles in children. The causative agent of this disease is the herpes virus. It manifests itself in the intercostal area in the form of red spots with liquid contents.
  5. Pink lichen in children. Initially, there is one big spotPale pink coloration, then new small lesions of skin integument begin to appear along the edges - these are the main distinguishing features of this species from others.
  6. White lichen in a child - this pathology is not aggressive and often does not requireTreatment, and eventually passes by itself. This disease is characterized by the appearance of white spots on the face, the lateral surfaces of the hands and feet, which can sometimes be accompanied by a slight itch and flaking.

Lishay in children - treatment

When a baby's skin appears on the skin of an unknown personOf origin should be urgently addressed to a dermatologist. Treatment should be selected based on the results of the patient's examination, as there are several types of lichen in children, each of which has its own nuances and differ significantly from each other. Do not forget during the treatment to conduct regular wet cleaning of rooms, using disinfectants. Also, the clothes of the child should be changed every day, beforehand ironing it with a hot iron. It should be remembered that even with the disappearance of the fungus from the skin, it is not necessary to interrupt the treatment on its own, as it is possible to speak about complete cure of the disease only after the delivery of the appropriate blood tests. Having found out lichen in children, many parents use folk remedies for treatment. However, sometimes even the most experienced doctor, without appropriate tests, can not put an accurate diagnosis and correctly prescribe the treatment.

Types of lichen in children

All that depends on the parents is the observance of certain measures to prevent the appearance of lichen in children:</ P>
  • Try to avoid possible contact of the child with stray cats, and if there are animals in the house, check them regularly;
  • It is desirable that the child's clothing is made from natural fabrics;
  • Pay special attention to strengthening the immunity of your baby.

The main thing to remember is that with timely treatment and compliance with all the doctor's recommendations, your child will very quickly be able to get rid of this disease.

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