Green coffee how to drink

If you are reading this article, then"Green Green" has reached you! First of all, perhaps, you would like to know if green coffee helps to lose weight. Unequivocally you can answer it yourself, if you experience it yourself. Miracles do not happen, if you want to continue to eat before bed and all your gym is reduced to reading articles about fitness, green coffee, alas, will not help. But in case you are ready for active actions to achieve harmony and health, then you are with us!

About properties

So, green coffee is just as black coffee, onlyNot fried and at the same time, preserved all the useful oils, acids and vitamins, which are lost during heat treatment. The most useful in green coffee is chlorogenic acid, which is a stimulant of metabolic processes, splitting of fats and protects the liver from obesity. In combination with caffeine, this acid suppresses hunger and invigorates in the morning. The composition also has tannic acid, which maintains the general tone, activates our physical and mental activity. If it is easier, then green coffee, indeed, helps to burn fat, but for this we also need to work.

How does green coffee work for extra pounds?Understandable, but that's not all! Due to its composition, green coffee oil is used for cosmetic purposes to strengthen hair and nails, as well as to give elasticity to the skin. And green coffee can save you from cellulite. To do this, the meal (coffee grounds) with massage movements rubbed into the skin on "problem" areas. Chlorogenic acid splits the subcutaneous fat and the outside.

How to drink green coffee?

But until you ran to the store for this miracle cure, we'll figure out how to drink green coffee.

Best of all, buy green coffee beans andIndependently grind. In this business, you can only trust yourself. And it will be more effective to consume as much as possible fresh grains (this happens only in Brazil), than fresh coffee, the more vitamins it contains.

Grinding green coffee is very difficult.

Green coffee how to drink

Powder you hardly get, at best,Small granules. Some to facilitate and improve their own grains, but if you are going to lose weight on coffee, stop for raw grains.</ P>

As for cooking, we do everything here like with a black "friend."

Do not buy soluble green coffee, itThe caffeine content is much higher. And also buy only the original green coffee for weight loss and only in specialized stores. There it is cheaper, and there is a chance that it will be able to grind with you.

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