Green coffee truth or myth

Now it is very difficult to navigate the seainformation that can be found on the Internet relative to green coffee. Some reviews speak about its incredible effectiveness, while others express a more pessimistic assessment. It's time to figure out the magic properties of green coffee - true or myth? We put all the points above i, considering both the nature of the product and its effect on the human body.

What is green coffee?

Before deciding on the question, is it trueHelps green coffee, it is worth to find out what kind of product it is. Green coffee is a natural kind of black coffee that we are accustomed to. What we used to consider a traditional morning invigorating drink, in fact - a product that has been thermally processed. But green coffee is coffee in kind.

Ironically, it is roasting that gives coffee thatdelicious aroma and a high dose of caffeine, which allows you to use it as an invigorating drink. However, the same treatment ruinously affects many properties of this product, which can help in the difficult matter of losing weight.

Composition and properties of green coffee

The composition of this type of coffee is somewhatDiffers from its fragrant black version. The fact is that the roasting process kills chlorogenic acid, and it promotes the elimination of fats and prevents their absorption, which contributes to the increase in the rate of weight loss. Useful properties of green coffee a lot:

  • antioxidant properties;
  • The ability to blunt appetite;
  • weight loss even without additional effort (at a slow pace);
  • strengthening the effect of any workouts and diets;
  • Promotes the removal of toxins from the body;
  • gives vivacity during the day.

Judging by the reviews, this drink reduces the craving forSweet and fat - but it does not produce such a pleasant side effect for every person. We are all individual, and the impact on each organism will be somewhat different.

Green coffee for weight loss: the myth

Many sites that sell green coffee,promote the myth that the use of this product allows you to lose 24 kilograms per month, without exerting any effort. A human sane, this figure will immediately lead to a dead end.

According to nutritionists, the normal rate of weight loss for a person is not more than 1 kg per week. More intensive rates spoil the metabolism. However, do not worry: this effect does not give coffee.

Combining the application of green coffee with the mostsimple rules for healthy eating, you will effortlessly lose weight by 1-2 kilograms per week, stably and harmoniously. As a rule, this drink boosts vitality, so even with a significant reduction in the diet, you will feel very good.

Take a critical look at the information you see in open sources - and then it's pretty simple to determine whether a true coffee is true or false.

Green coffee: myth or reality?

In the case of losing weight, this coffee helps. It is important only to use it in accordance with the instructions and monitor your diet.

green coffee myth or reality

Still, one should take seriously to lose weight, andOne can not rely on coffee alone. The measure is necessary in everything. In addition, if you do not accustom yourself to eating properly, the weight loss will quickly return to you after the whole course - because if your food provoked excess weight, then the same will happen in the future. Just accept the idea that with age, the metabolism decreases, which means you need to move more and less to save the figure.</ P>

This product has contraindications: diabetes mellitus, bleeding disorders, glaucoma, osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome. In case you have such diseases, you should find for yourself another way to accelerate weight loss.

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