vitamins to enhance immunity

Immunity, if you believe the encyclopedia - it's easyThe ability of our body to resist various infections and alien organisms that encroach on our health (microbes, bacteria, viruses). Simply put, it's such armor, protection, power, which helps our bodies work well, no matter what.

It is extremely important to be able to help these protective resourcesOrganism, and this is quite a force for every person. Nature is wise, and she gave people many ways to maintain their immunity. One of the most effective - vitamins to improve immunity. It is important not just to saturate your body with suitable vitamins, but also to eat foods rich in enzymes, because without them the body will spend too much effort on digesting food, and he will not have the strength to fight with harmfulness and dangers. If you eat food in which there are many natural enzymes, digestion will be quick and easy, and all the vitamins from the products will be perfectly absorbed, strengthening, between the cases, the immunity itself.

Best Vitamins to enhance immunity

Vitamins, which improve the work of the body's defenses, are capable of:

  • protect cells from toxins;
  • Remove from the body cells sick, too weak;
  • To deal with parasites and harmful microorganisms, which in every possible way harm the immune system;
  • to help immunity work better;
  • give cells the nutrients they need.

Complexes of vitamins to enhance immunity:

For adults, the following complexes are suitable: Bittner, Immuno, Immunal, Multifit, Supradin, Tri-vi-plus, Vitrum.

To strengthen the immunity of children, drugs are suitable: Multi-tabs, Multi-tabs Kid, Pikovit, Vita-bears, Vitrum for children.

What vitamins are needed to improve immunity?

  1. Vitamin C you need it first, because it cleans upconsequences of stress, does not allow to divide cancer cells, increases the content of interferons, protects healthy cells. A lot of ascorbic in citrus, tomatoes, green vegetables, dog rose.
  2. Vitamins B Just irreplaceable for the defenses of the body,because they soothe, do not allow us to be nervous, help cope with various irritating factors (which greatly damage immunity). Vitamins B are found in beans, nuts, peas, soy, whole grain cereal products, porridges.
  3. Present Miracle vitamin D3 Perfectly helps immunity. Only recently, scientists, having conducted the necessary studies, found that it is the D3 that makes the macrophages more active (they constantly circulate in our bloodstream). Macrophages are capable, when necessary, of violently attacking potentially dangerous microorganisms and not allowing them to harm us. And vitamin D3 well removes all kinds of inflammation, helps healthy tissues to fuse better. It is also believed that a reasonable dose of this vitamin helps to not get cancer of the colon.
  4. Vitamin E - another indispensable friend of immunity, because he actively prevents viruses and dangers to penetrate into the person.
  5. Magnesium - Another super-friend of the immune system. Unfortunately, very many people face magnesium deficiency, and in fact it helps the colon to produce detoxification, it has a beneficial effect on immunity, normalizes blood pressure.

    the best vitamins for immunity

There is a wonderful recipe for vitamin tinctures,which just contains the necessary vitamins and microelements. In a floor a liter jar it is necessary to cut finely one lemon, ten cloves of garlic, to fill in all pure water. This tincture helps protect against infections, you need to drink it two tablespoons three times a day.

The body will become stronger if you take a bath forimmunity. It is necessary to take the leaves of raspberries, sea buckthorn, currants, cranberries, mix, pour boiling water, ten minutes to insist, drop three or four drops of eucalyptus oil, pour into water and lie there for fifteen minutes.

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