Compote of hawthorn for the winter - recipe

With the onset of the cold season, topicalbecomes the issue of increasing immunity and protection against seasonal infections. Excellent prevention against seasonal colds can be hot drinks with ginger, honey, spices and citrus in the base, but you can use the useful home-made compotes to diversify the usual set of drinks. One of these is the compote of hawthorn for the winter, the recipe of which we will share further.

Compote of hawthorn for winter - a simple recipe

In order for the drink to absorb all the benefits, from the moment the compote is rolled up to the removal of the sample must pass at least a couple of months.


  • fruits of hawthorn - 220 g;
  • Granulated sugar - 310 g;
  • water - 2.9 liters.


Before you cook the compote of hawthornfor the winter, take hold of the preparation of berries. Fruits of hawthorn, and thoroughly rinse, and after drying, place on scalded jars. Next, pour in the sugar and fill the jars with boiling water so that the liquid begins to literally pour over the edges. Cover the jars with sterile lids and roll them down immediately.

Compote of hawthorn for the winter

As part of this method of preparing fruit and cooking the beverage itself will take more time, however, such costs will be fully justified by the rich taste and color of the finished compote.


  • hawthorn 550 g;
  • sugar - 440 g;
  • Water 710 ml.


Cook the base sugar syrup, dissolving the crystalsSugar in hot water and bringing the liquid to an active boil. Place the well-washed and dried hawthorn in a syrup, then leave everything boiled for another couple of minutes and distribute the hawthorn syrup to two 3-liter cans, previously washed and scalded. Boil the water and dilute the contents of the cans with boiling water. Roll the jars with sterile lids.

Compote of apples and hawthorn for the winter

Hawthorn can be combined with many fruits, but blowing with apples is considered the most popular and widely loved.


  • hawthorn - 530 g;
  • Sugar - 1,1 kg;
  • Apples - 980 g.


Before you close the compote from the hawthorn for the winter, place the jars and lids on sterilization. Prepare the container can boil it, soaking over the steam or calcining in the oven.

Disassemble the fruits of hawthorn rinse well,Rinse and dry. From the apples, cut out the core, and divide the pulp into large cubes. Distribute the fruits in clean jars, pour in sugar (its amount is determined by the sweetness of apples), and fill the rest of the space with boiling water. Quickly roll up the banks and, wrapping them, turn them over for the time of cooling down. The prepared compote after storage is placed for storage.

Compote of hawthorn with orange for winter

An interesting aroma habitual hawthorn compote will give orange peel. Within the limits of one drink it is possible to combine at once several kinds of citrus, but we decided to start with some oranges.


  • hawthorn - 520 g;
  • Sugar - 940 g;
  • a peel of two oranges.


Sugar dilute 9 liters of boiling water, bringSyrup to a boil. At the beginning of the boil, put the orange peel in the syrup and leave it to boil for 5-7 minutes. Disassembled, washed and dried berries of hawthorn distribute among three three-liter cans, pour everything with boiling citrus syrup and immediately roll up pre-scalded lids. After cooling the cans in an inverted form, the compote can be stored.

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