They are such cute!

1. A cat who just wanted to find out what the landlady bought in the supermarket.

Cat in the package

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2. A cat who very much wanted to see the outside world.

Cat in the window

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3. A cat that seems to want to learn to read.

Cat in the Box

The inscription on the box: "In this box there are only stupid assholes".

4. A cat with a completely stuffy nose.

A cat with a stuffy nose

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5. A cat who tried to sneak a whisk from feathers, but did not take into account the dimensions of the hole in the door.

Cat with a broom

6. A cat who decided that a glass jar is ideal for hiding in it.

Cat in the bank

7. A cat that clearly overestimated the strength of its claws.

Cat on the window

8. A cat that is stuck.

The cat is stuck

9. Cat, who dived into the box, not thinking about the consequences.

Cat in the foam

10. A cat-lazybob.

Cat the Lazybob

11. A cat that wanted to cool off slightly on a hot day.

Cat in the hose

12. Cat-thief, who was caught "on the hot."


13. A cat who wanted to play with a spring.

Cat with a spring

14. A cat who too wanted to be free, but forgot about the screen from mosquitoes.

Cat with a grid

15. A cat that has no idea what to do next.

The cat is hanging

16. A cat who does not know what the real window looks like.

Cat with a fireplace

17. A cat who saw a round object and ran after him.

Cat with a round object

18. A cat who never fails to face difficulties.

The cat does not pass before the difficulties

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