how to transplant a rose

For many centuries, the rose was and remainsone of the most popular colors. The variety of varieties and colors of this plant is immensely large, they can decorate the front garden and the window sill, planting in a pot. About how correctly to transplant a rose, so that she will please you for a long time, we will tell in our article.

How to transplant a rose in a pot?

To prevent a room rose after transplantation, the following rules must be adhered to:

  • It is not necessary to transplant the rose immediately after purchase - the plant needs several days for acclimatization;
  • The pot for the rose must be chosen in such a way that its size is commensurate with the aerial part of the flower;
  • At the bottom of the pot, it is necessary to lay a drainage layer (expanded clay) 10 mm thick;
  • before transplanting the rose should be abundantly poured and removed from the container (the old pot) together with the earthen lump, trying not to disturb the roots;
  • then put the rose in a new pot and compact it with new earth until there is a distance of 20-30 mm to the edge of the pot;
  • watering after transplantation does not begin immediately, but in a day;
  • immediately after transplantation, the pot with the rose should be put in a shaded place for a day, then moved to the sunny side;
  • you can not feed a rose immediately after transplantation, you need to start feeding only a month later and continue your usual care.

How to transplant an adult rose bush?

When transplanting adult pink shrubs, remember that:

  • The best time for transplanting rose bushes is late autumn (late October-early December) or early spring (March-April);
  • before transplanting the bush should be cut, leaving shoots 30 cm long and removing flowers, dried shoots and leaves;
  • The pit in the new planting site should not be deeper than in the old one;
  • The rose bush should be taken out of the ground carefully, trying not to damage the roots, and move to a new place together with the earthen lump;
  • after transplanting the bush and sealing it with soil, the plant should be watered abundantly.

How to transplant the process of the rose?

how to transplant a rose correctly

In order to grow a rose bush from the shoot (cuttings), remember that:

  • for growing, the middle part of the stem is needed, with 2-3 buds always on it, the upper cut must be straight, and the lower cut must be made at an angle of 450;
  • scissors, which cut the rose must be badly of ground, so as not to flatten the stem;
  • plant the process into the open ground by placing it in the ground to the first leaves and constructing a mini-greenhouse from a jar or plastic cup;
  • open the hotbed should not be until spring, sprinkled with autumn branches or leaves, and in winter - snow.
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